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Beşiktaş İstanbul/Türkiye
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Producing the most loved and watched programs of Turkish televisions since 10 years; PH Production has had its name written in golden letters into the media industry thanks to its experienced team and long run programs.

Realizing very successful programs along with its experience in women oriented “Daytime Programs”, PH production dominated the daytime with "Melek" titled show broadcasted on Star TV since 4 years.

Hosted by Melek Baykal, Melek has become the most qualified, warmest, the most comprehensive and smiling show of the screens for 4 years.

“Duru Muhabbetler” hosted by Nükhet Duru and “Hafta İçi Hergün Nilgün Belgün” broadcasted on 2007 and 2008 on TV 8 by leaving their marks on the TV history are among other daytime programs produced by PH Production.

"Mesut Yar'la Tuhaf Şeyler" and "Mesut Yar'la Cümle Alem" broadcasted on Star TV"" in the years 2005 and 2006 reached a wide range of audience as the first new-talk show of Turkey.

Highly speculated by its entertainment programs, PH Production realized the "Yıldız Tilbe Show" and “İzzet Yıldızhan & Muazzez Ersoy Show” projects in the year 2007.

The competition show "Maceraya Takıl" produced by Ph Production was broadcasted on Atv in the year 2008. It has become a largely watched entertainment show with the joyful presentation of Alp Kırşan.

Production training and sport programs as well, Ph production was highly appreciated with the programs "Şifo Mehmet İle Futbol Okulu" and "Kampüs Yolu" broadcasted on TV8 in the year 2007.

Standing outs with its documentaries and introduction films, PH Production has become the most demanded and trusted production company of Turkish televisions thanks to its quality productions since 10 years.