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Maceraya Takıl

Broadcasting Channel : Atv

Broadcast Year : 2008-2009

"Maceraya Takıl" has met its audience on Tv as an entertaining competition program in which people from different countries met, an international solidarity acquired and different cultures are harmonized. During this competition consisting of limitless action, entertainment and very hard tasks, two young talented team captains, one boy and one girl, fulfilled the said tasks in five different countries ( Spain, France, Austria, Germany and Italy). Each captain had to persuade someone complying with the criteria from the country in order to travel from country to another. Presented by Alp Kırşan known for his multilateral and colorful personality, this program had the audience have exciting moments while watching the young people tested for their energies, talents and self-confidences. The grand price of the “Maceraya Takıl/Go for the adventure” has become a “space travel” which was a first among any competition program.